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New to Tucson?

We can help ease the stress & overwhelm of not yet knowing desert plants and landscape needs. We are excited to educate clients as to best practices for utilizing rainwaters and planting appropriately for success. We love to share our excitement for Sonoran Desert native plants and the biodiversity of the flora and fauna.

Landscape Design

Rozet is a Plant focused design and build company. We install our own designs and we are not a landscape architecture firm. We do not offer landscape maintenance. We are not hard scape focused. For initial consultation please email us at We can set up a meeting at our Plant Nursery located at 7707 East 22nd St Tucson. In this meeting we need to see photos of your project and can listen to what you would like and what your ideas are. We can offer ideas and see if it is a good fit to work together. 


The next step is an onsite consultation at your home or business. At that meeting we ask you to establish a budget as a baseline. We work time and materials. Everything is line itemed in our estimates so the costs are very transparent. Landscaping is expensive. We are proud to partner with Hearth to offer financing. We enjoy working in phases so we can build on success. The next step is sending  a design contract and once signed and returned we will get you on our design schedule. We will let you know at the first meeting how far booked out we are so you know our time frame for starting your project. 


Our designs feature beautiful plant pallets suited for the Sonoran desert, Schedule 40 PVC complete irrigation systems, FX Luminaire high end 12 volt lighting, rain collection both passive and active, custom rock water features, planted pottery and medicinal and edible gardens when appropriate.


We want to design for the whole family, children, pets, accessible use and even desert tortoise enclosures. Our goal as a business is to install designs our clients love and create habitat for wildlife and pollinators. Our motto is “No Stress In The Garden” and we strive to make the process start to finish stress free for our clients. 

Rozet offers full consultation, design, installation, and maintenance services. we strive to make the process enjoyable with creative problem solving. We partner with local artists and contractors for parts of projects out of our scope. We identify the first part of the design process as listening to the needs and ideas of our clients. We will come to your home or commercial space and at first meeting listen to what your needs and wants are for creating a dynamic project. We will come back with ideas and general concepts and move forward with a drawing for the third meeting.
We install our designs including sourcing materials, planting, grading, rock work, custom planters and pots, PVC irrigation systems, water features, and top of the line lighting designs. We love staying connected to our projects and enjoy doing scheduled or seasonal care for your landscape.
We are a four person boutique landscape firm and do the majority of the work ourselves, bringing in great labor support when needed. We are happy to communicate throughout the process and work to create a reassuring, flexible, and stress-free experience for our clients.
Abby is quite talented at taking your ideas and bringing them to life in a design that fits the space you have. Scott makes everything happen on the construction and technical side and is an expert with irrigation design so you will have even pressure to all your plantings. As locally based small-business owners, they truly care and want you to be happy with every aspect of your project!

Highlighted Services

Rozet Nursery offers 5 -15 gallon and 24″ box desert trees, Sonoran Desert native shrubs, euphorbias, cacti, yuccas, agaves and aloes, tropical house plants and succulents. We create plantscapes in a variety of pottery available to purchase. We offer delivery, planting and placement of trees and pottery. We enjoy educating our customers on the successful way to plant trees in the desert. We offer bagged composted mulch and vegan compost from local Tank’s Green Stuff. We are located beside both Acme Sand and Gravel and D&D Materials for all your bulk soils, gravel and rock needs. Our stock continues to grow.

Successful desert gardens are dependent on meeting the varying water needs of the plants. We design and install long-lasting Schedule 40 PVC irrigation systems which include lines and zones for all the plants in the landscape, from trees to cactus to pottery. All irrigation lines are set on timers and adjustable emitters. We do not retrofit existing systems in most cases. We use irrigation system timers compatible with smart phones for easy control while you are traveling. We enjoy walking clients through our systems so they can have a good understanding of how plants are irrigated.


We see lighting in the landscape as frosting on the cake! We use FX and FX Luminaire high end, low voltage lighting with dimmable and color change options all controlled by your smartphone. We illuminate the landscape with festoon party string lights, spot lighting, wash lights, pathway, lanterns and hanging moonlights. We light your landscape with our beautiful dark desert skies in mind and leave plenty of room for the stars.

Water Features

Rozet loves to include water features in the landscape. We create custom cored rock boulders and install features with returning reservoir basins. We connect them to the irrigation system with a main line so a float valve fills the basin as needed. There is little to no maintenance needed and water for our clients and wildlife to enjoy. Please visit our nursery where we have four varieties of water features on display including a water fall.

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