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New to Tucson?

We can help ease the stress & overwhelm of not yet knowing desert plants and landscape needs. We are excited to educate clients as to best practices for utilizing rainwaters and planting appropriately for success. We love to share our excitement for Sonoran Desert native plants and the biodiversity of the flora and fauna.

Irrigation Services

Rozet designs custom Schedule 40 PVC pipe irrigation systems. A well designed irrigation system saves both water and time. We make sure every plant has its watering needs met.  Planting in the desert is very different then other environments. Cacti, aloes, agaves and most euphorbias need to dry out between waterings. Newly planted trees have high water needs and thrive when they are deep watered with large berms. This way the roots will grow deep and help the tree to be strongly rooted to withstand Monsoon winds. Shrubs  and vines have different water requirements then trees and cacti and need their own lines. Vegetable and herb gardens and raised beds need their own lines as do planted pottery. We install these multi- valve systems to address the water needs of your whole landscape. We can add a line to our water features so it has its own line and float valve so you do not need to fill the basin- the system will be triggered by the float valve and fill as needed. We are happy to educate our clients on the systems so they have a strong understanding of how things work. Our systems have  timers and can be optionally controlled by smartphones.

Rainwater harvesting and rain gardens are an exciting and responsible way to garden in the Southwest! We install both active systems meaning rain tanks and passive systems meaning earthworks.

Our earthwork systems of swales (contoured) and basins slow, spread and sink rainwater and gutters and scupper flow to keep it onsite longer and utilize it in your landscape to nourish your soil, your trees and plants and recharge the water table. We typically fill these earthworks with local mulch or rip rap size rocks. We keep water away from your foundation and move it to where it needs to be. We are also happy to design greywater systems. For more information about Rainwater Harvesting and greywater visit this amazing local resource…
The crew was friendly, and detail oriented, and the transformation of our backyard has been absolutely amazing - from weeds and crabgrass to beautiful flowers, veggies and fruit trees and full sprinkler and automatic watering system.

Highlighted Services

Rozet Nursery offers 5 -15 gallon and 24″ box desert trees, Sonoran Desert native shrubs, euphorbias, cacti, yuccas, agaves and aloes, tropical house plants and succulents. We create plantscapes in a variety of pottery available to purchase. We offer delivery, planting and placement of trees and pottery. We enjoy educating our customers on the successful way to plant trees in the desert. We offer bagged composted mulch and vegan compost from local Tank’s Green Stuff. We are located beside both Acme Sand and Gravel and D&D Materials for all your bulk soils, gravel and rock needs. Our stock continues to grow.

Successful desert gardens are dependent on meeting the varying water needs of the plants. We design and install long-lasting Schedule 40 PVC irrigation systems which include lines and zones for all the plants in the landscape, from trees to cactus to pottery. All irrigation lines are set on timers and adjustable emitters. We do not retrofit existing systems in most cases. We use irrigation system timers compatible with smart phones for easy control while you are traveling. We enjoy walking clients through our systems so they can have a good understanding of how plants are irrigated.


We see lighting in the landscape as frosting on the cake! We use FX and FX Luminaire high end, low voltage lighting with dimmable and color change options all controlled by your smartphone. We illuminate the landscape with festoon party string lights, spot lighting, wash lights, pathway, lanterns and hanging moonlights. We light your landscape with our beautiful dark desert skies in mind and leave plenty of room for the stars.

Water Features

Rozet loves to include water features in the landscape. We create custom cored rock boulders and install features with returning reservoir basins. We connect them to the irrigation system with a main line so a float valve fills the basin as needed. There is little to no maintenance needed and water for our clients and wildlife to enjoy. Please visit our nursery where we have four varieties of water features on display including a water fall.

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